Not everything is good with Social Media.

Social Media is a big part of our life nowadays, and for most of us, it gives us pleasure. But this is not the case for everyone. A growing problem, and then we have many cases that never come out from the dark.

The growing problem that I am talking about it’s called “Hostage of Social Media.” If someone has (usually) a photo of you in a situation that will put you in a bad situation or create problems for you or both.

In the digital world, we are living in today, it is close to impossible to keep down the number of people that will find out whatever it is you want to keep a secret. Once it posted, you are doomed. And many people have the character that they simple share things without thinking about the consequences of this.

The most common things are photos of you naked, in a sex act with an ex-partner, or you together with another man or woman in a situation that is more than friends. But there has also been rapports that people have had their computer stolen or hacked, and there are sensetive content on the unit.

So how can you prevent this to happen you?

Always be good, and don’t do anything stupid. But we all know that this is something that probably not going to happen. And when (if) it happens, there is a big chance someone is there with a mobile phone and can take the photo or film it.

If you have this photos or film of yourself, then you probably have it saved on your computer or/and mobile. This should be password protected, as I comment before “everything you can lock, you can also unlock” but atleast you make it little more safer.

And to think that this is my best friend, husband or wife and I can trust hen is stupid. We all know that things can change very quickly, and the person you trust today can be your biggest enemy in future.