A little history behind the virus in our machines…

It has always been almost exclusively Windows and Microsoft Office that has experienced problems with virus.

1986, VirDem show up, the first first virus that infected an executable file. VirDem was created by German Rolf Burger and placed a self-replicating program at the beginning of a com file. Over the next four years, it turned up several other viruses such as Cascade, ghostballs and 1260.

1990, Frodo and the Whale make an entrance. Two viruses that had the ability to hide. Frodo tweaked so that Windows stated wrong size of infected com-files which meant that they looked like they was infected. Whale utilized Frodo techniques to hide and even copied the 1260 ability to constantly change the code. None of the programs were particularly harmful.

22 May 1990, Windows 3.0 was released, and we have some calm years. The only exciting things was that it popped a boot sector virus called Michelangelo, who knocked out the windows machines all over the world.

1995, Macro comes. The first macro-virus was based on word basic. and was called the Concept, and added four macros to Word’s basic template, which in turn infected all saved documents. The macros did, however, no big damage but was the start of similar viruses that were slightly more difficult.

Microsoft has been usual, relatively quick to upgrading the security of windows and Office. But virus writers are always quick to find ways to circumvent the new security patches.