People start to clam down on the Heartbleed attack

After Heartbleed, is now time for the next serious security flaw called Freak that was a big problem for all mobile phones, because it was not in the operative system. It was placed in mobile apps and that make all operating systems on mobile phones affected.

So what is Freak?
Freak is a security flaw that have been discovered in the cryptographic protocols Which are Used to encrypt your online communications – known as SSL and TLS.

The vulnerability is in Particular found in OpenSSL, The Same protocol Which was the centre of this controversy last year.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have in recent weeks sent out a number of updates that will put an end to Freak, a serious security flaw that could be used by hackers to intercept data between you and a server.

Despite all the updates, the threat from Freak is far away from over. There is a variety of popular apps that lots of us use of affected versions on OpenSSL.

Of the 14,079 surveyed apps for iOS, was 5.5% vulnerable. The corresponding figures for Android was 10,985 surveyed apps, of which 11.% was vulnerable.

Hopefully the problem with the security hole will be resolved in upcoming updates, but all experts still say that they expect that some apps will be vulnerable for a long time.

For all that using older versions of OS X and iOS are recommended to update to the latest operative system as Apple only have and will send out the updates for the OS X 10.8 or later and iOS 8.2.

This is not a new security flaw, but was first discovered on March the 3:rd.

What have the big company’s said so far.
Apple was first out and said that they were aware of the problem and was working on solving this. And they would come out with an update next week.

Android has been more cautious and said that it can take long time before all user can and will be fully protected from this problem.