Is it the right decision to take away the headphone jack on iPhone 7?

The rumors that Apple new iPhone 7 should be the first phone whiteout headphones jack was true?

But it is the right decision?

Many mean that is not, while some say that Apple is very brave, and are on the right way.

So why have iPhone 7 not any headphone jack?

Well, one advantage that nobody can argue with, it give more space inside the mobile.

And this space is needed when we want to have more powerfull phones, and don’t want to make them thicker.

But if so, why don’t also take away the charging, there is no problem to charge mobile without the traditional cable today.

But have Apple use the extra space?

Or is it that simple that Apple work with bigger hardware inside their phone.

Whatever people say about iPhones, their specs. are not on the level that other mobile company’s top models, and the phone are not smaller anyway.

So is this a bad move from apple?

In my opinion, yes… And no.

iPhone is already expensive, and not surprising, iPhone 7 is the most expensive iPhone so far.

And now you get a phone whiteout headphones. Instead you get one adapter for the classic headphones with cable.

This is not only a ugly piece, it’s also very unpractical to use.

But for you that have unlimited of money, can buy Apples Bluetooth EarPods for another $150-170.

I say… “This is a bad move from Apple”.

They charge costumer for a phone that are like Samsung’s or Sony best one, but very far off when it comes to the specs.

iPhone 7 will for sure still be a big seller for the company, but why?

The phone is NOT better than other phone company’s top models.

But there are still many out there, that do not care, as long is an Apple product they will buy it.

But I’m quite sure that this phone will sell…

But I do not think they will get more people going from Android to iPhone with this model, more opposite.

A final note.

iPhone is not a bad phone. What I saying is that the phone is not worth the money.

You get much more phone for much less money.