Your Hard drive will not live forever…

Hard drive are consumable. They consist of a mechanism which constantly rotates at several thousand revolutions per minute – and sooner or later they wear out. The question is not whether they will do, it just when will they do.

They are also sensitive, especially when they are running. A shock can cause the reading head strikes a disc and providing a scratch that makes the disc unreadable. This makes laptops and external hard drives extra sensitive.

The new SSDs are more durable and survive normally longer than a mechanical hard drive, but sooner or later they also take out.

And when it does, it ended in loss of important or in some case, irreplaceable things for many people.

I have every year at least one of my clients that contact me and ask what to do, when their hard disc have crash. And it always surprises me, that there are almost never a backup of their important things.

For me and many of people that working with computers, as called professionals, we always have backups….

Most of us have, but far off from all, and there are not any excuses for that. I personally have a mac, and they have something called “time machine” this updating every time something is added to the hard drives.

Anyway, I still download my important things, and of course all client’s material to another external drive. And then this is also uploaded in the cloud. How could I say to a client that’s your own fault that you lost it, if you never make any backups.

So how shall I do then?

If you have Mac, there are only one solution you should use, and that’s Mac own system, Time Machine. You need to buy one external hard drive. It does not need to be Apple original, that are very expensive. Any drive work, myself using a 2 TB WD Elements.

When this is bought, and connected. Open System preference and choose Time Machine. Your Mac will then do the rest for you.

On Windows, there are many different software that can take care of this. On my machine, I use Acronis. It’s easy, and you can choose to take an image of your entirely drive or only folders that you choose. And of course set time for backups

In most of the pack they sell (from 40€ one-time-purchase) they offer some cloud space. That you of course should use. But I still recommend you to also have it on one external drive. In this way you have also save important things in a more manually way.