Seagate are the leader of Hard-Disk race

Is not more than ten to twelve years ago, we were impressed of a Hard-Disk on 500 mb.

Earlier this year Samsung proudly present their new SSD disc on 15TB, but that’s nothing anymore.

But now we ask us “what is 15 TB”, Seagate have this week lunched their new disc on 60 TB.

Seagate giant is a hard disc in the larger size, 3.5-inch, but it is still a big step forward with nearly four times the space.

The company, have a new technology in their hard disc, and they mean that they soon will reach the incredible 100 TB

100 TB is the same as 100.000 MB

2007 the first 1 TB hard disc hit the market, and then it was something that was classed as incredible.

Today, not even 10 years later we have up to 60 TB, and not many are actually to surprise about it.

Read more about the hard-disk history on Wikipedia

No price has not yet been revealed, but it will probably be just as crazy as the capacity.

Discs of this sizes are more created for servers and computer centres, and not for for private persons

So do we need bigger sizes on our discs.

Yes, we do… At least for now. Everything get more and more advanced, and with this almost every time, also bigger in size.

For many years ago we got windows on 3.1, we got 6 floppy disks, each disk on 1,44mb.

If we compared with the 3 latest windows versions, we would need following amount of floppy disks

  • Windows 7 = 1750 Floppy disks.
  • Windows 8 = 1373 Floppy Disks
  • Windows 10 = 2778 Floppy Disks

But is not only our operative system that get bigger. Everything on our disk today take more space.

It has for long time been talking about in the future we will not need any hard-disk, everything will be in the cloud.

I don’t think we are even close to this, yes, we have start to move things to the cloud.

But I still think we are still far away from have the whole hard-disk in the cloud.

Its possible already, but is not enough practical for private persons