Last Sunday FTP (file transfer protocol) turned 40…

FTP standard has been around since 16 April 1971 and is still used widely around the world.

Abhay BuAbhay was the person that created the original protocol when he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Tehcnology.

The specification that allowed large file transfers on the Arpanet was published as RFC 114 April 16, 1971, which means that the protocol is now over 40 years old.

The protocol quickly became a standard when it tolerate temporary disruptions in the transfers and requires a minimal amount of so-called handshake between the parties, but all traffic is in clear text which means security risks.

But meantime it has become more secure and since 1996 is started to be combined with SSL encryption.

Despite the challengers as P2P networks, is not likely that ftp protocol will disappear in the next few years.