Google Fonts have make our site more beautiful.

Our, life after Google Fonts have make our life so much easier… For some time ago I was reading a very interesting article onĀ  Jeremiah Shoaf site Typewolf.

We have all heard about Google Fonts, that have been a very welcome thing for all webdeveloper. So what will happen if it comes a day when Google desire to closes down the service?

Some may say that “Why should they?”… Mayby, but the fact is, for the moment Google run this whiteout any visible way to get profit from this, so why should they actually continue. Whatever we think about Google… Nothing is for Free, Google is a company, and they must, and should always look to get some profit.

At least don’t loose any money on any of their department, and on their font department they are loosing money.

Click here to read the full post from Jeremiah Shoaf that got me thinking, and let us all pray that Google not will cnacel the project “Google Fonts”