Password released from The hacker group Shadow Broker

The hacker group Shadow Broker released last week, the password to its extensive archive of cyber weapons. That is said to have been stolen from the secret NSA. It was many experts that pulled a relieved sigh when they first did not find anything that was considered dangerous. But unfortunately, they were wrong, very wrong.

It has now come out information that two tools can create a nightmare for any Solaris administrators. The tools are called Extremeparr and Ebbisland. This tools can be used to gain root access to all Solaris network between version 6.0 to version 10.

Solaris is a Unix operating system originally developed by Sun Microsystems. It superseded their earlier SunOS in 1993. Oracle Solaris, so named as of 2010, has been owned by Oracle Corporation since the Sun acquisition by Oracle in January 2010.

Source Wikipedia

But how big is this problem?

Any system that any person from outside can gain root access is a serious threat. The Solaris system is not used in same wide extent as before. But it’s still used by many in the industry to handle the big database applications and other legacy platforms.

Solaris is now up in Version 11, and it will not be anymore. Oracle have announced that they will stop developer the system. But everybody expects the system will be used for a long time. And Oracle has informed that they will continue the support of the Solaris system until 2034.

So this proof that the hacker group Shadow Broker have come over data from NSA. And this in it self-are dangerous. And nobody know if there will come more, or this is only a way to show that they have what they have said all the time.

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