Another operating system from Google, to replace Android & chrome?

Its seems that Google not are enough happy with with Android and Chrome OS operating system

Technology giant to have a third operating system under development, the name is Fuchsia. And it will not based on Linux system.

Google itself are not saying much, but the website, but the website has reviewed the documentation, posted on Github.

And they confirming that the core is called Fuchsia, built on the medium-sized microkernel Magenta.

Looking into Fuchsia’s code tell us a couple of things, its designed to be a lightweight system, and for this it would be a perfect system for modern smartphones

It will be available on all platforms, from small embedded IT gadgets, mobile phones to desktop computers. And of course Fuchsia will also support Raspberry Pi 3.

Fuchsia are written in Google’s own home-made programming language, Dart and Flutter, and their own framework for interfaces are used.

So what will be the use of this operating system

The web have now started to speculate if Fuchsia will be a future replacement for Chrome OS and Android,

Another operating system built for devices like Chromecast.

Another theory is to use fuchsia, or the magenta kernel, as a base when the operating system will be developed in the future.

And in this way, it could survive under separate names, but with the same technology under the hood.

Some others say it could be used to power hardware like Google’s OnHub router or third-party internet of things devices

This is not the first time we have heard rumored that Android and Chrome OS to be replaced or merged in any way

So who knows, this can simple be one of Google’s many experimental side project that will end in absolutely nothing.