Why you not should buy anything from Google Store.

Bought a new tablet (Pixel C) from Google Store for some time ago. And have now give up, and accept that I lost around 80€.

To start to explain what’s have happen, I need to tell that I am a company that’s works under VIES. This is for company inside EU. And in short, it means that we should not pay V.A.T. on things and services bought from outside our own country.

This is working in different ways from companies. Most of them deduct the V.A.T. after they have controlled that the company are register under VIES. While other, e.g. Apple Store, you need to upload your document after paid, and the money will be return to your card.

And in this way Google Store are also working… But with the big difference to Apple. When I buy something from Apple, I simple upload the document they asked for. Then im told that it can take up to 7 days before I will receive the money. The longest I have wait, have been 3 working days… And white out any hassle.

And here we have the different between the two giants.

After looking and compare different tablet, I decided to go for Googles, Pixel C. When I should puncher it, I notice that the company was placed in Ireland. And we all know that’s is simple for tax reasons.

So I contacted the support and explain my situation as company in Spain (and register in VIES) I should not pay any V.A.T. They guy I talked to was very understanding, and gave me link to the site where document should be uploaded.

I went on and bought the tablet for full price (V.A.T. included).

I was also told that I should not upload anything before I had received the product This is not unusual, Apple Store work in the same way.

The tablet arrived after some days, and as one “nerd” I started to play with it before any document was uploaded. But 2 days after, everything was sent.

But nothing happened, apart from very unprofessional response and acting from Google Store. After 8 days and still have not received anything I contact the support again.

I was then told that they have not received anything, and was told to upload it again. To be sure I ask for the link to be sure I was in right place. Got the same link, and uploaded everything for the second time.

Again, I whiteout receive any money. So, after 7 days I contacted them again. But this time they have received the paper but I was not entitled to any refund off the V.A.T. When I asked why, I was told that the tablet is bought in Google Store Spain.

I thought that was very strange, when the invoices said is bought from Google in Ireland. Again, they replay and said it was bought from Google Store in Spain.

If that’s the case, it would be right, I should not have any refund. But I made clear for them that I then need a invoice that’s say is bought in Spain. And the respond was that the company is placed in Ireland.

This discussion went on. And now after 6-8 mail I have simple give up.

Shall I ever use Google Store again?

I hope not, if I can find another solution I will definitive go with the other one. Is not so much for the money. But the way I was treated by support. Did not give me any real explanation.

And when I ask if the treat all company in Europa in the same way because they have google store in all country and the place for upload document is not needed, they simple put down the phone.

So to Google… This is not the way you treat any kind of costumer… Private person or company.