Dont you have enough storage for your mail, document and photo on the web?

Google Web services comes with free storage. With Gmail, you get up to seven gigabytes for their email and on Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums are you get one gigabyte for each service.

If you want to get more space, you can use Google Storage that allows you to purchase additional gigabytes, which you can use free of Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa. An expansion to 20 gigabytes costs five dollars per year and 200 gigabytes costs $ 50.

If this is not enough for you! Google can offer you up to 16 terabytes (16 000 gigabytes) of space.

Pricing is quite reasonable. Maximum space it will costs you $4,096 per year.

Google still have a problem with a limitation. One uploaded file can “only” be one gigabyte.