No they should not stop install Google Search…

The battle between the EU and Google continues. The European competition authorities are planning to order Google to stop paying the mobile manufacturers to pre-install Google Search on their devices.

In a 150 pages rapport from EU competition authorities, says that they will order Google to stop. It’s also say that if not, there are a big risk for large fines.

EU’s review of Google has been ongoing since 2011, and the EU warns of huge fines if Google does not do what they have agree on.

The EU Commission intends to set fines at a level sufficient to act as a deterrent. But there are not any indications where this level begins.

The fine will probably be based on the revenue from Adwords clicks from European users, product searches on Google Search, sales of the Play Store apps and AdMob advertising within the apps.

The Commission’s investigation started after an complain from the lobby group Fair Search in March 2013. And they mean that other companies should not be disadvantage om search from mobiles, that are a quick growing market.

Should EU stop putting their nose in water, and leave Google alone..

I by myself, are a big Google fan, and uses many of their services, both free and paid. But we should not let them do whatever they want. Google is a company, and as all other company they are looking for profits.

But Google are already too big, and in many way they desire how we act in the digital world. And if we let them take over the few percent that they don’t already have, what will then happen.

Will this stop Google?

Maybe, maybe not. Google is big, and if this threat was from one or maybe two country they would probably don’t care. But big part of Europa is too big to ignore, even for Google.

But one thing is sure, Google cannot be too happy with the EU Commission, that have create lots of problem for the company over the last 5 years.

Just a thought…

I don’t think anybody will argu with me when I say. “Google is by far the biggest search engine on the web”

So why should they need to pay the mobile company to install Google Search. Would this not be in the mobile companies interest to do this anyway, to give us a “better phone”?