Google+ never got that success Google hoped.

When we are talking about Social Media in general, is Facebook the first that come to our mind. After that is usually Twitter. Google+ is almost never on the wall.

If you compare with Facebook, all other social media are small. But Google Plus is not that small, at the end of 2016, there were 302 million active users. Compared with Twitter, that still are bigger with their 317 million active users; Google network is not far off.

What are different with Google Plusgoogle plus vs facebook

The first that I think about is that on Google+ I don’t need to read what everybody is eating. And I don’t know where everybody does a Check In. And that are something I do not miss.

The second significant difference is the way how the stream are built up. You still see what your friends or contacts post.

You add yourself to groups that have posts that are of your interests. In this way, you have a feed with things you want.

You can do same things on Facebook. But is not that easy, and is not either built to used in this way.

So who use Google+?

I do, and I think it’s fantastic, I’m in a couple of groups about tech and graphic design. And I’m on it 4-5 times a week. And every time I spent quite some time on it.

A photographer is a big group on Google+.

The was on the network from the beginnings. They went on to share their photos and ideas. And there are many groups just in the area. The group, Landscape Photography Community, have more than a million members.

But is not only groups about photography You can also find areas about Harry Potter, Pokémon or the pop group, One Directioners to name some.

If you have a hobby or something you interesting in, then you should give Google Plus a chance.