Google Plus User is less than Google say

According to Google, so have the user on Google Plus increase with 85 million user in only 6 months, at least its what the say.

Well thats for sure its true. Today when you sign up for any of Googles different service they automatic add a Google+ account for you. Well, thats nice, but for what purpuse?

Can we call this user, Google Plus user?

The answer is simpley NO.

You should not be called user in a social network that you dont use, Facebook, have lots of user, but they always talk about the active users.

In Facebook case they say that there are around 850 millions, and that is how its should be counted.

So the question for Google is… How many user login on their Google+ account, once or more every week?

When they can present this number, first then we can see how much they are increeasing.

Personally I think its sad that people don’t have a look on Google+.

I use mine a couple a times every week, not writing anything there (non of my friends are there), more to find out whats happen.