Wrong… Google Location Services do not need to be on; Google knows where you are anyway.

You can turn off Google Location, remove the SIM card, and close all apps on your mobile or tablet. Your Android device will still inform Google where it is.

We all know that with Google Location Services enabled, Google can follow where we are, or more accurately where our Android device is.

I have previously written about how Facebook follows us and captures information of where we are and what we do. Of course, Google is not better and does the same.

All Android devices are continually telling Google where they are, even if you choose to turn off location services. In an article on Quartz web site, you can read about this, and Google had also confirmed this when Quartz asked them.

As long the phone is running (Google Location deactivate), data are collected on which mobile towel it’s connected too. And this information is also a kind of location, and this is passed on to Google. In Quartz article it says this has going on for eleven months, since the beginning of 2017. The information has been sent to Google, uses push notifications.

A spokesperson for Google says that the data has never been stored or used in any way and that they will end this collection of data, but they have not informed us when.

All connected mobiles and tablets have sent information about the nearby mobile towel. And devices connected to WiFi has also sent information even without Sim card enabled.

According to Google, this is an attempt initiated in January this year to investigate the possibility of using Cell ID codes as an additional signal to provide information faster and better.

Is it right by Google?

NO is not. Google has never informed users about this. Even if the now claims to end this, they have still collected information about us that we are not aware of or have approved.

We must also ask us, what has more been done by Google to our integrity of our privacy without they have informed us.