Google Listen to nobody?

At least when its requests to remove content from their search engine, then Google Listen to nobody!

Google has recently released a new report on which countries are requested content to be removed from their search engine.

They have also released information about country that asked for the information about users, and the scary thing is that there are a number of democratic countries on this list.

Even countries that are usually not associated with censorship has asked Google to remove some political videos, blog posts and other content, says Google in its transparency report released last week.

Dorothy Chou, Senior Policy Analyst at Google that this is worrying not only because freedom is threatened, but also because some of these applications came from countries you do not expect.

Below you can see a few examples

  • Canadian Passport Office asked Google to remove a video on Youtube where a Canadian citizen peeing in his passport and flush it down the toiletGoogle rejected the request.
  • The Spanish authorities asked the second half of 2011 to remove 270 search results linking to blogs and newspaper articles that referred to individuals and public figures as mayor and prosecutorGoogle rejected the request.
  • A public institution in Poland have request Google to remove links to a site that criticized them… Google rejected the request.
  • The police in UK request Google to take away five accounts on Youtube advocating terrorism.
    Google took them away because they violate the site guidelines. About 640 videos were deleted as a result.
  • Thailand requested that 149 videos on Youtube should be removed because the offending Thailand’s king, and its a crime in Thailand.
    “Google limited 70 percent of the videos from being seen in Thailand in accordance with their local laws.
  • Local police authority in one country requested Google to remove 1400 videos from Youtube with the alleged harassment…
    Google rejected the request. A court order said later that Google should remove 218 search results linking to sites of allegedly defamatory material.

General is that requests from authorities and goverment hav increased over the last 12 month.

The U.S. government has increased the number of requests to remove content to 103 percent in the second half of last year compared to the first.

In India, the government’s requests for removal of materials has increased by 49 percent compared with the period before.

And in India, Google along with some other Internet companies, are already facing a trial there. A key issue in dispute is whether an intermediary can be responsible for third party information on their sites.