Many people mean that Google = Internet, and I would say they are right

I am a big fan of Googles product, I ran all my mail thru their server and my domains thats need mail its run thru Google Apps.

But its do not matter how much you like Google, the question its still if Google haven’t been to big for us.

I think that all people that work as a webmaster, and of course with SEO have swear over Google more then once!

Everywhere its talk about a free internet, and of coourse lots of Googles service is free, and the one that you need to pay for its a small amount and nobody cant really complain over that… But to what price is this freedom.

I dont think anybody will debate with me when I say that if you do not appear on first or mayby second page in google search result you are nobody.

So that means very much that Google tell us how they want to have our page, and for us its very simple… Accept it or lose.

With any of the updates from Google, we get to hear that this will be more correct when people search, lots of time I agree.

But is also  give us lots of extra work every time they make changes.

So whats happen…

Will I leave Google?
No I will not, Google tell me what to do, and I & everybody else will swear and say thats it, then the life goes on and we open up another Gmail-account