Another eight project are added to Google graveyard this year… Only this year.

Many people think about search, or maybe mail when they hear Google. But it’s so much more, and they always working on another project. And when a project does not work or are interesting anymore, the landed on Google graveyard.

Many things are not only put away to Google graveyard, and never used again. Many of their project are put together with other already existing and maybe better and practical Google project.

Google Hangouts on Air

When Google are going for YouTube Live, Hangout will pay the price for this. Hangouts on Air have the latest year been connected with Google Plus. But on 12 of September it was connected with YouTube Live instead.

Nexus Phones.

The first Nexus phone was released 2010. But all Nexus phones have been built of OEM partners (HTC and Samsung). But now Google have their “own built” phone. This series was started with Pixel C tablet, and earlier this year, Mobile Pixel came out with 3 different models.


Before the Pixel mobile project, Google developed a modular mobile phone, a project that should make it possible for the user to replace different components such as processor, camera, screen only to mention some. But in just before the lunch of Pixel Mobile, Google announced that the project is put on hold. And have now, for some days ago confirmed the end of the Ara project.

Google Picasa

Picasa was bought from Lifescape 2004. But now when the earlier cloud based Google Photos have been separated from Google Plus. Google had two photo and video service, and there was no need for that, and Picasa was taken off.

Chrome-apps on Mac, Windows and Linux

This was introduced for 3 years ago. It was some special programs that made available for all platforms. This will now get a slow death. One by one they will be taken away. And early 2018 all will be done, and this will then only be exclusive for Chrome OS.

My Tracks

Early this year My Track was presented. My Track should keep your stats on training. This may not be any big surprise, as Google for not so long time ago presented a similar service, called Google Fit.

Google Compare

Earlier this year this service was disconnected from google App park. As the name say “compare”, so was this a service the compared cost between e.g. credit cards and insurance. But was put to rest because it never got that hit that Google aimed for.


Was a local based photo share tools that Google bought 2007. This will be closed soon and instead Google will improve sharing photos direct in Google Maps.