Google Glasses continues to cause controversy in the United States.

Earlier, a woman had have trouble with the law after she was stopped by a traffic police when she drove her car with Google Glasses.

But after a long legal process, she was released for lack of evidence that the Google Glasses wasn’t was activated at the time.

Now it’s a man that visited a movie theater in the U.S. city Columbus who have had trouble with the law because of wearing Google Glass when watching a movie.

One of the participants in the Google Explorer Program was abducted by official agents during a film screening. The incident occurred at a movie theater owned by AMC.

The man, who uses Google¬†Glass every day and bought glasses to fit his eyesights, went to see the new movie “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”.

After about an hour of the film, the man was told to leave the cinema along with an agent from Homeland Security .

That was followed with an hour of questioning about why the man recorded the film with his camera in Google Glasses.

With help of using a computer, he could prove that hi was innocent. The man was released after an additional agent checked the contents of his Google Glass.

The abduction came after a representative from the MPAA ( Motion Picture Association ) had observed the Google Glass- owner in the audience and then contacted Homeland Security.

A spokesperson for the AMC which owns the theater, says that new technology is welcomed by the company but gadgets that can record video material should be left out of the movie theater .

MPAA say they do not see Google Glasses as a threat, and thats sounds strange when it was jus a representative from MPAA who contacted Homeland Security.