Can Police forces over the world use Google glasses?

Dubai’s police force will starts using Google glasses all over the department. To become the “world’s smartest police force” at year 2018.

Detectives in Dubai will start to use Google glasses in looking for wanted criminals starting next year. Has the police department in the country informed the society.

The technology will be combined with another technology to identify faces. According to a representative of the Ministry of smart services, at Dubai’s police force.

Software has been developed in-house and makes it possible to connect to a database. And comparing pictures of wanted persons with real people.

When the glasses recognize suspicious face, it will give a signal to the wearer, has the detective commissars, who is head of the department said.

initiative is part of its ambition to be the world’s smartest police force year by 2018.

The police department, already use the glasses to chase speeders and to identify vehicles with number plates that match the suspects.

Now, the police department only has four glasses, but plan to buy more when the current test version test will get approved.