An already great Google G Suite is now even better.

For some weeks ago Microsoft Team was launched, and now are Google showing their muscles with new services in G Suite.

The Battle of the companies’ internal communications and collaboration opportunities are only getting tougher and tougher. Google’s G Suite that is well integrated with Slack’s system has now launched new services.

G Suite that was born in the cloud and has always had a focus on the business. Google Apps director of Prabhakar Raghavan says that they have listened to what businesses want and need.

So what’s new in Google G Suite?

Team Drives, which are now launched for everybody is first out. On Team Drives can companies users store all documents and image on a Google Drive. It has also been more convenience for Microsoft and Apple users to store files in any other formats. The search service has been improved and with the new “machine learning” it will be easier to find files where you might have forgotten the name.

Thier has also been an improvement of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts chat. On Hangouts Meet is the video meeting service that is more powerful.

One of the new services in the Meet is to facilitate the participation wherever they are, by introducing Hangouts particular phone number can participate by phone even if you do not have access to a computer. It’s helpful, for example, a consultant or someone else who do not work at the company but should be in on the project. Now it can be easy done by an invite to the meeting.

Hangouts chat has also extended the possibility to work in small groups, and there is a new intelligent service to schedule. It also has a clear integration with Google Docs and Google Drive. A company-specific chat is added that should protect them from theft and computer espionage.

New collaboration tools in the form of the digital whiteboard call Jamboard now being launched on a broad front. With Jamboard can brainstorm ideas on the board regardless of location. Everything is connected to Drive where the latest ideas and digital post-it notes or whatever it might be, will be saved.

The war on workplace continues

It’s an important battle between the two IT giants of productivity in the workplace. Google apps has always been integrated with Slack. But the new adding to Google Suite are a clear signal that Google also will take a piece of the cake.

Where this will end, we do not know, but it is clear that companies have become important for Google. And the big G Suite launch was, of course, a big thing on Google Next.

Personally, I would not be surprised if Google has bought Slack in not too far future.