Now we hear it again, Google sabotaging for Firefox

This is something we have heard repeatedly over the years. But this is coming from the former Mozilla senior manager Johnathan Nightingale. And his word is loud and clear “Google has been systematically sabotaging for Firefox for years” According to Johnathan this has systematically going on for the past decade.

This isn’t the first time a person in the team behind Firefox has made accusations against Google. Johnathan Nightingale, the former chief of the Firefox division of Mozilla. Nightingale describes the problems with Google. Going back since he started at Mozilla 2007. Then Google Chrome did not yet exist, and most of the people in Google were positive to Firefox.

But when Chrome was launched in 2008, it became complicated, but not the way one could have expected. Google now had a competing product.

Johnathan Nightingale says; Soon, Chrome ads appeared next to Firefox search results. Gmail and Google Docs started getting selective performance issues and bugs on Firefox, and demo sites were inadvertently blocking Firefox as incompatible.

Johnathan continues; We were still a search partner, so we said ‘hello, what happens?’. And each time the answer was to “oops, it was a mistake. We’ll fix it in the next update in two weeks’. This happening over and over. He also pointed out that things like this can of course happen but he did not think Google is so incompetent.

Nightingale is not the first to deliver charges against Google. Last July, Mozilla’s program director Chris Peterson accused Google of deliberately sabotaging Youtube on Firefox. He said that Google changed the javascript library on Youtube to a library they know was not supported by Firefox.

Is there any truth to this?

I don’t know and I will not even speculate in this. but what I can say, and have said before (read here). I’m a big Google fan, I use many of their services, both free and charged ones.

But Google already, my opinion, has to big impact on the web. Nowadays is not really we that run the net. It’s Google that tells us how, what and when we should do things.