Last week Google start the hunt on Content Farms.

This means a dramatic effect on many sites that’s are classed as Content Farms an rely on traffic from Googles search-engine.

Google changes their algorithms all the time to get that the most relevant sites will come top of search results.

Usually it is small changes that few people notice. But this tiome is a much more radical change – according to Google are 12 percent affected of the changes.

The pages that appear to be most affected are so-called content farms* – sites based on content that will draw much traffic from search engines.

Huffington Post and AOL are examples of companies that have been accused of using this tactic.

Lots of people are not happy, and on WebmasterWorlds forum are people express their dissatisfaction over the change, and one disappointed site owner writes “My good. I just lost 40% of my traffic from Google today” .

But not everyone is unhappy with Google’s changes, Google’s algorithms are a zero sum game, and many other sites-owner are happy over this changes.

* In the context of the World Wide Web, the term content farm is used to describe a company that employs large numbers of often freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content which is specifically designed to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines. Source Wikipedia.