Two extensions for Google Chrome was sold to advertisers who bombarded users with ads and in some cases harmful advertisements. The purchase was made without the users’ knowledge.

Google has now removed these two popular Chrome add-ons after complaints of malicious ads.

The ads were not visible to users but acted in the background and replaced all links to Web pages to Web pages that pay out a commission for each visit.

The two add-ons was, “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet this page”, together they had over 30 000 users. It is unknown and Google has not said anything if it was the same company that bought the two add-ons.

The original author of “Add to Feedly” have sad that he sold the add-ons last year, and Shortly after the sale the add-on was updated with the malicious ads.

It is unknown if there are more in Chromes Web-Store that contains the same type of malicious ads. When Google find out of the two add-ons they was taken off the web-shop immediately. Because they are violate the company’s terms and rules.

Normaly the add-ons for Chrome are updated in the background without the users’ knowledge, which led to many users were not aware that the functionality of this was changed.