Unapproved addons create problems

And Google will now in a first step start to take away unapproved addons, this will not solve the problem entirely but is a good start.

I have in a previously article written about the Google Chrome browser will block all extensions that have not been downloaded from the Chrome Web Store… Read Here

This blockage should be done with the release of Chrome, version 33 that was released a last week. But Google has now announced that they postpone the blockage of unapproved add-ons in Chrome for Windows.

After much pressure from developers, Google has decided to postpone the blockade by two months to the 1:st of May. The reason is that many extension developers appealed to Google for more time to adapt their add-ons so that they can be approved by the Chrome Web Store.

This means that users who installed the add-ons in Chrome for Windows already, will be able to continue to use them until May the 1:st. After this date it will not be possible to install or use allready installed add-ons in Chrome 33 for Windows unless they are downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome for Mac and Linux will not be affected by the blockage, yet.