Many online companies support is not worth to be call support.

And GoDaddy support is one of them. I have earlier recommend GoDaddy as your domain provider and still do so. And that is simply because I do not think there are any better, despite all their problem when it comes to domain service.

The problem is that there are not enough “good” people that actually can help you. If you are lucky your question will be sorted by first call or first chat, but that if you are lucky. But the truth is that you will probably get someone that doesn’t know enough to help you.

The “real” support people are almost never the people that answer the phone; they are sitting in the background and helping the Telefon staff when they do not have the answer. We have all been on a call, where they put us on hold to find out what seems to be one answer that any support should know.

5 Calls to GoDaddy billing support

I have an EU company registered in Spain and should no pay ant VAT on online bought outside my own country. I have also uploaded my paper to GoDaddy two times to get that resolved. And still so have GoDaddy charge me tax.

But still, after four calls I was yet charged. And in this calls I had been told that I had put the number in the right place, they have not received my papers and the best of all, there are not existing anything like tax-free for EU countries.

So the final call.

And also the person that made the difference. I explained that I was upset as I have already called multiple time before about this problem. The person directly got my earlier conversation up and quickly located the problem.

I had before this call start to give up and was prepared to move everything to Google Domain. But there I ran into another problem. Google took off the tax without asking for any paper uploaded, but I got another problem. On my invoice, my VAT number was not shown.

I contacted Google Domain’s chat support (could not find any telephone number). But they informed me that they could not do anything, and I needed to contact Google Pay. Again I could not see any phone number and not even a chat service, so I sent a mail to their support. And until today, now six days they still have not answered me.

So if you need a domain and need to use support, take you pick. Either a company that most of the staff do not know what to do. Or a company that does not even answer