What kind of characteristics should a good leader have?

I can’t say that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is a good leader because I don’t have enough knowledge about that. But what Satya has done with Microsoft over the last five years (read earlier article) show that he knows what he is doing. But when it comes to a company of Microsoft’s size, it’s not enough to see what you are doing. You also need to know how to lead.

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Satya Nadella described her thoughts on what good leader is. Here are the three most important things to think about, regarding him.

A good leader needs to be clear and doesn’t create any confusions.

It’s extra important to be able to offer clarity in times of crisis and chaos. Satya means that you cannot call yourself a leader by entering an uncertain, ambiguous situation – and creating confusion. Instead, you need to establish clarity even when it does not exist. Satay means that this is one of the essential characteristics a leader should have.

A good leader should also create energy

You need to be genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about what you devote yourself to, and this is also crucial to becoming a good leader. Those who raise themselves and their team to the skies but who dismiss everyone around are not real leaders. A leader

You don’t always get success

You can not expect to have success all the time. And even if you succeed, you will have failures. And at this times it’s critical that you don’t get panic and start to do significant changes. And if you feel that it’s necessary, you must think it thru and include the whole team in why you think so.

There are many CEO that is good leaders, and I suppose that they all have different looks on what is and what is not essential. These thoughts are Satya, and I think he was right in thinking.

Swedish source: https://computersweden.idg.se/2.2683/1.715991/bli-en-bra-ledare-microsofts-vd