This is not the first time GoDaddy make strange things.

I have been with GoDaddy for more than 15 years now, mostly only with the domains. But unfortunate I have also been with their hosting for some time.

For many years ago, I have a share hosting with them, but it was nothing I could recommend to anybody.

Some years ago I was stupid enough to even go for their managed cloud server, and another disaster. But they convinced me that all problem I had would be resolved, if I went for a dedicated server, well it didn’t.

End of my hosting problem with GoDaddy…

For some days ago, I spooked with a friend and colleague. He has a friend that using GoDaddy for her hosting, and we start to talk about it.

We both have the page up, but when we talking the price did not add up for the package.

The “Personal” pack that, by the way is very expensive for what you get, at least with a UK IP, and its very confusing. First thing we notice, was that it says unlimited pages, so is that means one website with unlimited pages?

But the worst was… For my friend in UK this would cost him £59,88/year while im, with a Spanish IP would get it for 12Є/year (see image above). If we compare everything in € the price different would be, with a UK IP 590% more expensive.

So why do GoDaddy do this things… Well I don’t know, and I don’t think they can answer on that either…

I would suppose that the price of 12€/year, is one offer for the first year, but then again, why not in UK

For me it’s a very simple thing…

GoDaddy should do what they are good on, and thats domains, and they should leave the other things, where the service, and now also prices are not the best.

So when it comes to hosting, whatever its a share hosting account, or you need a server…

I can only say, stay away from GoDaddy… Their hosting-service is NOT working

But as I said before, when it comes to domains, the have a very good service, and they are whiteout doubt the biggest one on the market. Click here for domain-search