Microsoft is not the first company you think of when it comes to, share codes on GitHub.

The biggest contributed have been done by Microsoft employees, show a rapport from the last 12 months. (Read below “What is GitHub”)

It has been 16.419 persons, with some kind of connection to Microsoft that have upload code.

Microsoft are follow by Facebook, Docker & Angular, and Google first on fifth place, with “only” 12.140 persons.

So why is Microsoft “number 1” with open source?

For some years ago it would be unthinkable that Microsoft should top the list of most contributed to GitHub.

But Microsoft chocked all of us for some years ago, when they suddenly made a 180 degrease turn on this subject.

And today Microsoft work with some big project on GitHub, such as New open DotNet, PowerShell and CNTK.

So what have changed?

Open source has become the dominant way to development software.

For many years software developer was split in two categories when it came to open source and free software.

The side on open source saw it as a religion, while the opposite meant it was like cancer.

But lately have even the biggest antagonist have start to move over.

And the biggest reason for that, is probably that it makes more financial sense.

Other big project on the list over most contributed companies are, Atom, FortAwesome, Elastic, Apache and NPM

In short… GitHub is a code sharing and publishing service.

Its a hosting service for software development projects using Git version control system.

It offers both subscription fee for private use, and free storage for software open source project.

In May 2011 was Github the popular hosting site for the storage of open source.

And had passed the two biggest competitors, SourceForge and GoogleCode

On TechCrunch website, there is one article from 2012 that give a very clear explanation about the system, and how it work