The legal proposal from German are not welcome by all

The German Government’s plan to fight hatred and racism on the social media will seriously harm freedom of expression. But to what price should we have freedom of expressions?

The suggestion goes out that the companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google need to take more responsibility. Mainly for the content that spreads thru their channels.

Many mean that this proposal for combating hatred and racism online risk seriously damaging freedom of expression. Not only in German and the European Union also worldwide. So this suggestion of the law change from German meets resistance from many. And especially from the IT Giants in Social Media.

So what is the new law that German want to introduce?

The German government wants Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google need to take more responsibility for the content spread in their channels.

The post or status update of hateful, racist and incorrect content should be deleted faster than it does today. And if not done the companies could get a penalty of up to 45 million euros (around $48 million.

It’s particular, Facebook and Twitter that are in focus. The companies have been criticised for dealing with “illegal content” are all too slow.

There have been talks with representatives of both Facebook and Twitter about the problem. But it has not been enough meaning the German Minister of Justice.

One of the requirements is that any hate crime needed to remove within 24 hours of reporting. It’s something that the companies have agreed on. But they are not living up to this. Facebook, only do it in 39 cases off hundred. And Twitter is even worse with one in hundred.

So what is the problem?

This dose does not seem to do hard. And why are Facebook, Twitter or any other social media so against this?

The answer is, as so many time before… Money.

This will cost in extra staff to manage all request. But the biggest reason is, of course, the where the line would go. And this would create even more problem. There will be even more complaints that will lead to more work, and again more costs.