For some days ago I was looking on the live stream of the Europen parliament hearing of Mark Zuckerberg regarding the GDPR law that come in place tomorrow. And like the hearing in US Congres for some time ago, this also ended up as a joke.

The hearing in US Congres was little more technical than the one in Europen parliament. But still, some of the people that asked questions did not understand the concept of Facebook and other Social media platforms.

The hearing was regarding the new GDPR (Data Protection Regulation) law that is in place tomorrow, Friday the 25th of May. The questions were directed to Mark Zuckerberg Facebook as a digital platform. And if you are in the panel like this, you need to have some knowledge about how Facebook is working.

So did we get any answers to the GDPR questions?

Not really, one hour of questions and Mr Zuckerberg only got 30 minutes to answer. And this short was to favour for Zuckerberg that could duck to more sensitive questions. But what he let us know, was that Facebook is working to get this sorted and that they should be ready with everything tomorrow.

But I can say for sure that this will not happen. One of the main thing with the GDPR law is that everybody has the right to their data. Facebook is working on “clear-cache”-solution for their platform, but this is not ready yet. When this is ready, it will suppose to give you the possibility to delete your data by yourself.

Should Facebook care about GDPR?

If they want to follow the new European law, yes the should. But we should also have in mind that nobody is forced to use Facebook. We use it by free will, we post by free will, and we interact with any content on Facebook by free will.

The main rule when you are doing any interaction on Facebook, you need to use your head. Never post anything that you cant stand for today or tomorrow.

Facebook is not FREE!!!

You don’t pay anything to use Facebook, but like everything else, nothing is free. Facebook needs to take money to pay for the cost to run everything. Some would say that they earn very much money, so what, Google also earn money, Coca-Cola earn money, and so should any healthy company do.

Facebook using adds to earn their money. And today they have little more than 7% of the market. Their marketing module has also made it possible for anybody, big as small company to have digital marketing. And it is this company’s that pay for YOUR Facebook account.

So the moral of this is very simple.

If you don’t like that Facebook knows things about you? Stop using it, stop visiting it and you will soon be forgotten. About the things you already have posted or in any other way interact with the platform, you need to wait till Facebook gives you the opportunity to delete.