Samsung had very high expectation for Galaxy Note 7

But Galaxy Note 7 have so far only been a big embarrassment for Samsung.

We all know the problem with Note 7, the battery gets overheated and can result in fire or exploded phones.

Only in USA it is over 70 phones that’s already have exploded.

It has gone so far that many airplane company have forbid the Galaxy Note on their planes.

So how will Samsung sort this problem?

Samsung have promised to replace all units, but with already 2.5 million phones sold, this will take time.

One update has been released that will stop the battery to be charged more than 60% of its capacity.

But is only available in South Chorea for the moment. And there is not any date when, and if it will be released in other countries.

Samsung informed that they have start discussion with many mobile operators.

Than we have another question, for them that have a phone that have not had any problem so far…

Will they really be willing to lose 40% of the battery capacity, even if Samsung say that the battery is good on Galaxy Note 7, lose 40% is much.

So what will this actually do to Samsung.

Apart from the big loose in money. Analytics say that this will cost Samsung close to one billon dollar.

Then we have the reputation for the mobile giant. That nobody can anticipate at this point.

Much is depending how quick and easy they will make the changes to new phones.

There have been rumors that Samsung will use the “Kill swift” if people don’t come in with their phones.

When we look on the security site of this, is right.

But what gives Samsung right to sell us a phone, then if we don’t do what they say, they use a kill swift, and force us to change.

One thing is for sure, Samsung have in their commercial spooked about how far they have come with Galaxy Note.

And that is something that many laugh about today.