Galaxy Gear has not been that success Samsung hoped for…

According to Business Korea has Samsung sold between 800-900 Galaxy Gear daily, to a total of “only” 50 000 copies totaly in South Korea since Samsung released the watch.

This information has recently been released, shortly after reports that so much as 30% of the costumer has return their watches…

Its a very high figure that have make Samsung to start asking their customers more thoroughly why they return the watches.

OneĀ  problem could be that its not many phones that are fully support together with Samsung Galaxy Gear.

To run Galaxy Gear with your phone it need to be Android 4.3, And Samsung have therfor speed up the updates of Android 4.3 to their phones

Globally, it seems to go better… If we now can trust Samsungs rapport.

Acording to Samsung they have sold 800.000 watches globally. But what the rapport dont tell us is if this is sold to end-user or if its inclue sale to retails also.