Clean your computer, and get some free space on top of that

If you have a mac Air, you will sooner or later need to free space. Even Macbook Pro and iMac user run into this problem more often what many thinks.

I have use an app called “Disk Care – Clean & Create Free Space on your Drive” and can be bought thru App-Store. There are cheaper disk cleaning apps. Disk Care are well worth the $19.99 that it cost.

The app is very easy to use, and with few clicks you will free lots of unused space on your machine. That is also the reason why the app is a 5-star app in the App-Store.

So, what will Disk Care find for you.

Lots of things that you can take away whiteout any risk. After you run it, you get up a circle with things the app has found. There you mark what you want to delete. And of course, the app will give you multiple option to see what it is if you not sure.

Below I have explained what the part is to help you free space on your Mac.

Create some free space on your mac - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Apple - free spaceBrowser data

This is things coming from your browsers. Normally is cockies and other cache-files. This can be deleted whiteout problem. Cockie and Cache-files are to speed up pages and keep track on you, and the speed will quickly be restored.

Mail downloads

This will not affect you if you using webmail, and don’t download them to your computer. Some people use Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird to check their mail. When you using any mail client like this, then it also downloading all attached files. If you like me and get 600-800 mail every week, it can quickly be some GB. This can be deleted, as you always have a copy on the server


This is the folder that Apple put all downloaded files. Here you need to be little careful. You should always check this folder before you start to cleaning.

Old iOS

I do not have iPhone, iPad and iTunes. I have an android phone and tablet, and iTunes I have never liked. For those that do… If you are updating your phone or tablet, using iTunes, then you have files on your Mac that are left after every update.

App Logs

Is not only browsers that save things on your Mac. Some Apps saving small things that over time can build up and take some space.


Some software is saving cache files to speed up things. And very often this is not taken away from your Mac This file are temporary files (not original) and can therefore always been deleted whiteout any problem.

Large files

Here you need to be very careful. if you work with Photoshop, InDesign or other software that works with big RAW-files. Movies, video clip and in some music files can also be classed as big files by the app. As a security, you can’t delete all files by clicking on this selection. You need to go in and click file by file.


Is not Always trash… Your trash folder can very quick be big, and take up lots of space. I always clean this regularly. In this way, it’s easy to go over, and don’t delete something that you won’t do. rate this as 10 stars of 10 stars
This is simply a “must have” for any mac user. The price, utility’s and it’s so user-friendly it deserves a 10 of a 10

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