Google vs. Food & Drug Administration = True

US Food & Drug Administration will work together on with Google.

Contact lenses equipped with sensors, a processor and antenna is supposed to be used to keep track of diabetic glucose levels is Googles last thing.

Google looks beyond iGlass and testing a new type of smart contact lenses. The idea of contact lenses is that they will be used by diabetics to constantly measure of their glucose levels.

The contact lenses are still in an early test mode and the company discusses the technology, together with the U.S. Food Administration, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

By measuring the glucose levels in the user’s eyes tears, the smart contact lenses can will send information to a computer or mobile device thrue one built- in antenna.

Diabetes is both a large and a growing problem that affects one in 19 people worldwide. its a big problem for this people, writes Google’s Brian Otis and Babak Parviz who runs the project .

The meaning of Google’s smart contact lenses is to replace a blood glucose meter and warn diabetics when their blood sugar levels reach a critical threshold. The company is now looking for potential partners who want to be involved in developing the project