Firefox Quantum or the otherwise known as Firefox 57 is a superfast version.

The launch of Firefox Quantum earlier this week of the version is the most prominent update by Firefox since the introduction of Firefox 1.0 in the year 2004.

If you are wondering what is different between Firefox Quantum and other versions, it is the fact that this new version is based on a completely modernised core engine. As a result, you can enjoy a rapid-fire performance, smart features, and gorgeous design.

Reading all the reasons in the world why Firefox Quantum is the best so far may not give you the actual idea of how awesome the version is until you use it. Below are some of the enhanced features that make it a new version and the best browser for all surfers.

– Speed
– Photon
– Less computer memory
– Superfast rendering engine
– Additional add-ons


This new Firefox version is two times faster than the older version. It means that it takes less time to load your pages. You can also use as many tabs as you want without worrying about reduced speed. Slow speed was one of the drawbacks of the older version but not anymore.
Superfast rendering engine

One of the numerous performance improvements that are featured on Firefox Quantum is the new CSS engine. It goes by the name Stylo, and it utilises the modern hardware to exhaustion with multiple optimised cores alongside low power consumption. Quantum CSS is responsible for increasing the increased speed while using the browser.

What makes the engine even more amazing is the fact that it prioritises your current tab over others. This efficiently utilises your valuable system resources. Quantum CSS makes better use of your computer’s processor as compared to the previous single threaded engine.


After speed, the initiative photon is the second thing you will notice about Firefox Quantum. This is the new user interface that comes with the new Firefox version. This new user interface aims to modernise as well as unify any Firefox component while maximising the use of the speedy Stylo.

This user interface is incredibly smooth and fast. Above all, the initiative Photon ensures that Firefox works and looks like Firefox regardless of the machine in use.
Additional add-ons

Once you download Firefox Quantum, you will realise that it comes with already integrated add-ons. These add-ons include;

– Pocket
– Gaming and VR
– Library
– Screenshots

This Firefox Quantum feature is uncomplicated. It enables you to capture and share images directly from Firefox. This saves you a lot of time that you otherwise spend searching for files from your device.


This is a feature that comes with the new Firefox version. It provides the location for save for later documents, videos and websites.

Gaming and VR

This browser features gaming and VR designed for the coming generation. You will find built-in support for WebVR and WASM. This means that there is no extra installation required.


This is the feature that saves your time by keeping all your favourite things in one place. Here you will find browsing history, downloads, bookmarks, screenshots, and pocket saves.

Updating the Firefox version was not straightforward.
It took the effort of volunteers and employees from all over the world. This included following;

– 700 authors and above contributed code
– More than 80 volunteers from all over the world participated towards the code development