Chrome was the first, and now, Firefox follow Chromes Restrictions and starts blocking add-ons that are not approved for the browser.

Allready in January last year, Mozilla announced that Firefox will start to block the extensions that are not approved. But they left it to the user to manually approve sny sdd-ons that tries to run on a web page.

And now they take it one step further. In a blog post on last week, Mozilla product manager, Chad Weiner, announced that extension developers have until March 31 to get their additions approved.

But the blocking will not be introduced until at least in Firefox 30, which is planned to be released sometime around the start of the summer. The next version of Firefox that has version number 28 will be released on March 18.

The new security feature has been named “Click to Play” and introduce to increase the security and stability of the browser. Some of the add-ons are allready are approved by Mozilla for exempel add-ons like Adobe Flash.