European Court of Justice will take Facebook to court for privacy violations.

Facebook’s way to collect, analyze and sell information, are a privacy violations according European data and consumer laws.

Max Schrems, and Austrian jurist claiming he has more than 25,000-strong class action against the company.

Max Schrems, used Edward Snowden revelations about mass surveillance back in 2014.

He urged Facebook users outside of North America to join, and got more than expected of volunteers.

To submit thousands of individual lawsuits to thousands of courts would be absurd.

25 000 people were selected for the class action, and each of them are requires 500 euros. This would be a total of 12,5 million dollars.

So why is not Facebook only pay off this.

A law-suit in this size, it would properly be easier to only pay off for a company as Facebook.

But is much more in to it. If Facebook pay, it would not take long time before they would have lots of lawsuit like this against them.

It’s still not clear that this even will end up in court. so far, have the lawsuit not focused at all on integrity,

It have been about legal technicalities,

Schrems claims have been rejected twice on the grounds that it is not possible to conduct a “class action” on consumers interest.

And it’s now up to European Court of Justice to decide whether the group case may live on. Or if every single person must file their own lawsuit.

So why is this happen.

There is not anybody that really think Facebook is a charity, and let us use their network for free.

End of 2015, Facebook have more than 12500 full time employee, and this cost money. On this you should add all hardware, band witch, locals only to name something.

Facebook simple get their main income from adds, and in the end it come down to us if we want to use their network.

I personally thinks this is a very low act of both Max Schrems and his volunteers people.

All privacy info are to be found on Facebook’s site, but as usual when it come to this kind of text, nobody reads it.

Read more about Facebook’s basic privacy setting here