Is this the end of sponsored ads?

On April Facebook stop sponsored ads that are related to your activities on the social network.

If a person has liked a company on Facebook can the current company serving ads to the person’s friends showing their relationship with the person’s profile picture and name.

Facebook have announced for some days ago in a blog post that Facebook will put down so -called sponsored post from April 9.

Sponsored posts are a type of advertisements that make use of your activities.

This system has received strong criticism from many users who claim that it is an invasion to their privacy.

This type of advertising has created legal problems for Facebook because in some countries are not allowed to associate a person with a company without permission.

And last year Facebook was sued because of this ad format last year, Facebook ended this with an settlement in which they paid $20 million.

Despite the fact that Facebook stop with sponsored posts, people who liked a special company will still appears next to the company’s advertisements, and Facebook says that  if somebody have liked a particular page they may be displayed next to an ad for their friends of the person.