Are we surprised that Facebook Reading Messages on our profile?

A group have leave in a lawsuit accused Facebook Reading Messages from our profile

A group filed a lawsuite to a U.S. court accusing the Facebook to read users’ private messages, as according to the lawsuit used to display targeted ads to users.

The group claiming that Facebook visit websites linked in private messages and then used the information to create ads to the users.

They also accuse Facebook to share the collected information with advertisers and marketing companies.

Something that according to the group are violate the law of privacy in California that prohibits a third part to read electronic messages.

As proof of their allegations, the group has previously send messages between different users and pasted the link to the hidden web servers that no one else could have known.

After reviewing the visit logs it shows that Facebook has Visit these Web servers.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Facebook says that it does not violate any laws, and say, that these allegations are unfounded and we will defend ourselves unconditionally.