The Unwritten Facebook laws that we should be real laws.

We all have one or two friends on Facebook that are very irritated and never follow the customary Facebook laws that we everybody wished we have.

I will list some things that make many of us annoyed. And unforthley we see it too often, and still, we use Facebook, and we don’t do anything about it.

People with more than one identities:
As long you don’t have any problem with a split personality you don’t need more than one account.

People that don’t know how to use the chat function:
There are nothing more annoying than when somebody says “Hi” you answer and then the person goes quiet.

Something you should keep to yourself:
Not everybody is interested to read about what time you should meet your friend. We don’t either want to know about your heath question to your doctor-friend.

But the worst of them all:

If you don’t like Facebook, don’t use it:
Must be the ones about complaining about Facebook’s rules. It’s easy; Facebook is free. But still, someone must pay for all hardware, bandwidth and not at least the staff on Facebook.

This makes Facebook changes their rules all the time. And in the end, they will own everything we post on our account.

When we open an account, we need to check that we agree to Facebook’s policy. You don’t need to pay for using Facebook.

But what make it so annoying when people are screaming all over after another privacy rule changes. You do not need to use Facebook, we survived before we start to use it, and I guarantee you that you will survive if you stop use it.

So don’t be upset, and stop tells everybody that enough is enough and now you will leave Facebook. And some days after we still see you active like before.

We do not need to use Facebook, so if you don’t like their rules… STOP USE IT.