Well, the simple answer is, Facebook knows a lot about us.

And I can continue to say that the socil media giant, knows too much about us. But that is our fault; we are the one that gives all information to the social media platform.
Facebook start to collect data about as soon we sign up, name, age, gender and interests.

And it not stops there; then we continue to click like on pages, interact with other, and comment on things. All the time Facebook looks for keywords, and our profile is only getting bigger and bigger.

I have written in an earlier post, that nothing is free on the web, we all pay in one or another way. In Facebook case, it’s about directed, also called target advertising. Many of us have noticed that if we have visited a particular web site suddenly we see adds in our feeds from the company that we visited.

That has done that many companies advertise on the social platform. And it’s not only a cheap advertising. You can also set up a directed advertising. It means that the companies do not pay (and will not be shown either) for people that are not interesting in their things. You are selected by your profile o collected on you from the information collected on you.

Facebook Pixel

Also have something that calls “Facebook Pixel“. Many companies use this. They place a line of code in their header or footer. When you then visit their site, they put a cookie in your browser.

Then when you visit Facebook, you suddenly get adds from just this company. It’s a simple way to advertise, is not only cheap for the company they only advertise to a person that is actually interesting in one or another way for the companies products.

And for Facebook, it’s also helpful, as you have let them know that you have an interest in specific products. And the profile of you got another tag added.