Some means the win or lose in US elections is Facebook fault.

Nobody can have missed the US election last week. But Now there is a lots of people that say its Facebook fault that trump won.

They mean that all false news that have been seen on Facebook and in some case, also on Twitter, has affected the US elections.

The founder and Owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has now hinted that some might overestimated the fake news impact on social media. But are very clear that is NOT Facebooks fault of any outcome in the election.

Zuckerberg say…
– It would be irresponsible to claim that the only reason why some people voted as they did. Would be because they read false news on any social media.

The Social media’s importance to the US election output will likely remain a discussion for a very long time.

In reports from Pew Research Center, claims that as many as 20 percent of the surveyed users of social media may have been influenced in their views on a specific political issue because of what they read on the various social platforms.

And 17 percent claimed that the content on Social Media may has helped to change their opinions about a specific candidate.

So is it Facebook fault?

Yes, and No… There is not any person with some intelligence that believe everything on Social Media. But of course social media will have an impact, we have it all around us in these days.

30% of the U.S. population gets its daily news on Facebook (according to the latest rapport). So Facebook news have had an impact on the election.

But we can really blame Facebook for this. There are more than 30 million messages posted every minute. It would be impossible to keep track of any false information.

If you miss a message for just a couple of minute you done. The spreading go quicker and quicker for every share.

Is simple, Social media is here to stay, we simple need to learn living with it.