There are 3 ways to get likes to your Facebook Fan-page, but there is only one way that’s actually good

One way, and the cheepest and the most easy… There is a couple of pages where you can buy likes, but its NOT approved of Facebook and the likes dont have any valued. The other one is to advertise on facebook, you set your daily budget and can even set location, intrest and age, the likes thats come this way have more valued.

I often try to explain to costumer, that you should NEVER have a personal facebook for your business (always FanPage), and is not a question about how many like you have. The only things thats conting is how many see or/and interact with your post.

In other words, its better to have 250 likes and 50 people see it with 4 people interact, then have 2500 with 40 views and 2 people interact.

Im sorry to say, there is not any shortcut, the only way to get valuable likes is post intresting things (releated to what you sell or promote) and regulary… See the video belov