Facebook shares can now been sold.

Facebook thinking of letting employees sell shares in the company for $ 1 billion, to institutional investors.

The price indicated for the sale of employee shares values the company at $ 60 billion.

Facebook has received inquiries from a number of major investors who want to invest money in the world’s largest social media company.

The current valuation of the company at $ 60 billion and exceeds the valuation that was made in connection with founder Mark Zuckerberg pulled 1.5 billion in funding from Goldman Sachs recently, then the company was “only” valued to $ 50 billion.

Facebook is expected to become a listed company in 2012, writes Reuters.

Investors have been trying to come over some, before the company will be noted, by appealing to private investors, venture capitalists and former employees.

“Facebook has restrictions that prevent its employees to sell it”