Many don’t understand… Facebook can make big problem for your future…

A status update or one image/photo on your timeline, that, “at the time” seams innocent and funny, but your activity on Facebook can create big problem for you in the future.

Once posted on Facebook, it’s there and it will never go away by its self.

Sometime when I see comment and uploaded photos on Facebook, its scare me, and you really wonder if this people are simple stupid or they don’t think.

Special young people should be very careful. Already are almost all professional recruiters check you up before they call you for a interview.

Then it may not look very good if 60-80% of your photos is party photos, and you are in many of them, and maybe drunk also.

This is only one thing; I could spend articles to count up things that could be to your disadvantage with a “not correct” status updates.

So what can you put on your timeline…

I use to say… Never post anything you can’t stand for now or in the future. And same goes for what you share, you need to understand that this will also show up on your profile.

So if you think you have things you don’t want to be public… How do you do?

You should start to see your profile as it shown for “not” your friends. Facebook actually help you with this.

Up in right corner, beside message button, click on the three horizontal buttons, then choose “view as public”

Now you will get your timeline as everybody, that you don’t have in your friend list can see it. Start scrolling, and when you find something that you don’t want to have public any longer, simple hide it from your timeline.

Next Step… Be sure your timeline setting is right.

Go to settings and choose “Timeline and Tagging Settings“ and here you have couple of things you should look on little extra on.

  • Who can add things to my timeline?… This are normally set to “friends” if you prefer, change it to “only you” and you are little safer.
  • Who can see what others post on your timeline?… This is very important if you let friend post on your timeline

So remember, be careful what you say on Facebook, it can come back to you and give you problem in the future.

As the quote going around on Facebook says

“I’m happy that Facebook didn’t exists when I was young so people can’t see what a twat I was”

If you need help to set the “Private setting” click here to get the guide from facebook