Many company have wait for Facebook at work, but will it be a success or not.

It has been many rumored for long time, when the launch of Facebook at work will come. And now, after a few years in the workshop, it is now time for the big launch.

Today, on the 10:th of October, Facebook has invited to a major event in London. And it’s for the wanted service, Facebook at work. And with this, Facebook take another step with their social network.

The pilot tests began in January last year.

The new service is based on the company’s basic philosophy, allowing colleagues to share information and communicate with each other. Users can create events, collaborate on projects and send messages within the work group.

Many different Analysts have been positive to the network’s focus on business. Brian Blu from research firm Gartner said that it was necessary for Facebook to get in more services and reach into the enterprise market.

So will Facebook at work become a success?

A common mistake that consumer-focused companies often make when they go over to the enterprise… They very often think that the two markets are run in the same way. And are equal easy and profitable.

But different company, beta testers have been positive to the system, and mean that it cover the most of needed things. Rob Enderle, an analyst at The Enderle Group. Think that business investment will be a success.

So do we really need another system?

Probably not, there are already many system out there that can do the same things. Myself have work with Base Camp for some time now and its working perfectly.

But things that talking for Facebook system is that everybody already know how it works. And that will of course make the integration easier.

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