Everybody should have a trust worthy Cloud Backup.

In the recent past, photos used to be stored in individual drawers or a shoe box in the living room. But today, most photos are stored online, or at least should be. We have photos  and videos on our phones. Or on on our computers or external hard disks. With multiple photo editing apps and HD cameras in our pockets, it has become easy to carry our pictures and videos everywhere we go. But wait a moment, it is also straightforward to run out of space and lose track of all files. Unless of course, you have an automatic upload. This makes cloud backup a necessity and the best one to ensure that you have all your photos, documents, and music wherever you go is pCloud.

With the automatic upload feature that comes with pCloud, you can have more storage for breathtaking moments because you can free up a lot of space after the upload is complete. Apart from the automatic upload feature, other features that come with this fantastic cloud backup include the following.


It is very important for your media on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook to be safe. In case you are uncertain concerning the security of your photos on these platforms, pCloud will give you the ultimate solution. You can back up those valuable memories with just a click. You can stop or resume the backup any time. To make this task easy on various platforms, this cloud backup provider is developing different plugins. With this development, you can be able to backup your WordPress website with all database, files, and media to pCloud.


You will experience the most secure and most straightforward way to encrypt data with. With the unique client-side encryption functionality, you can effortlessly keep your files from unauthorised access. Therefore, users can have a peace of mind by knowing that their confidential files are protected with high-end security. The security application of pCloud encrypts data on the computer of the user and can only upload the encrypted version to servers.

File sharing

Also, you can now enjoy various options for multiple sharing by using the best cloud backup provider; pCloud. With the web interface and applications, you can share your files with anyone, regardless of whether they are pCloud users or not. This is through the download and upload links, invite to the folder and direct links.

pCloud Premium
Other fantastic features of pCloud include the following;

• Unlimited capabilities
• File management
• Synchronization
• Accessibility
• Security
• File versioning

If you don’t have a cloud backup, than it’s time to get one. This gives you security, and enables you to share and collaborate with friends and family members. Do like me choose pCloud, it will not dissopoint you.