Will European Commission succeed with this?

The European Commission now agree to a law that will force manufacturers to use the same standard on mobile charges. Something that is likely to have major consequences for the Apple.

Everyone should use the same charger. It is the result of a law that now accepted by the European Parliament. Its including all mobile electronics and the goal of the law is to limit the amount of electronic waste that accumulate annually. The law states that all mobile phone manufacturers must offer the same charging system for their devices at latest 2017.

Most likely it means that micro-USB will be the standard – and it’s a real back-hit to Apple.
The Apple has since the introduction of the iPhone 5 ship all their mobile units with the Lightning connector.

When the law was first discussed a year ago, Apple was quick to say that they would not give in and abandon their own standard, but they has said that they will offer their buyers an adapter. The question is whether the European Commission approves it.